Our Founder & the Team

Linda Gross is the founder of Advice and the chief strategist and cheerleader that makes the team go. Her successful career includes directing multi-million-dollar advertising accounts for McDonald’s and Shoney's in markets across the country. 
She fulfilled a lifelong dream when she opened Advice 20 years ago and has since worked with nearly every major developer in the Sarasota market as well as national brands from a variety of industries.  She thrives on the process of taking a business that needs a refresh, complete overhaul or a start up.

Each client is assigned a team of specialist with knowledge of all aspects of the business.  From one shop retail outlets to multi-locations operations, the regional, local and national experience of the team will be assigned and changed from time to time as the results evolve.

The team is prepared to spend a few hours assisting with how to be more efficient or allocating the time for a long-term relationship to create and implement a more in-depth strategy.

Our Team
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